Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences

A National Science Foundation Grant

The primary objective of this project is to encourage Hispanic participation and enrollment in the geoscience thereby ultimately enhancing diversity within the discipline. We have identified and recruited middle and high school science teachers serving large Hispanic populations for a series of programs centering on paid field experiences in the Midwest and Mexico.

Please take a tour of our past field experiences to find lesson plans, virtual field trips, guide books, and photo albums that can all be used in your classroom.

Summer 2010
Geology and Hydrogeology of theYucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Summer 2009
Midwest Mineral District: Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota
Summer 2008
Geology of Yucatan, Mexico
Summer 2006
Volcanoes in Mexico and Waters of Northern Illinois
Past 10 Years
Additional Virtual Field Trips

Please read this recent CNN article about Latinas in secondary education.

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